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Updated: Apr 30

Symbolic Gifts Save Lives!

'Chicagolegend Central' promotes shopping, money-making and rock music. In the words of late, great Jani Lane 'If it is too loud, GO HOME!' Enter at your own risk! Affiliate and referral links on the blog do create small commissions and profit for link owners; as we all know. God bless the 'American Dream!'

On a Budget? Arrive On Time Anyway.

Buy Refurbished Watches on EBay!

Whatever It Is: Do Not Drink and Drive!

Designate a Driver. Call a Limo or Taxi. Arrive Alive Everyone.

Not Going to the Show? Watch Movies and Concerts at Home! Previously Vowed Media For Sale Here!

Watch 'Hideout TV' And Earn!

So Many Marketing Programs Here!

Earn $300 Pre-Paid Visa Cards Here!

Open a 'Chime' Account and Earn!

You Can Listen To Many Kinds of Music and Earn Gift Cards OR PayPal!!

I’m using the Mode Earn App to earn real rewards on my phone! Download for free using my link and we both get a bonus when you sign up!

Posted offers may not be valid in your country.


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